Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Age IDE for All Java Developers(NetBean6.1)

From many a days in programming it was so much generation while developing an application using suns java ,But while doing it one has to have in depth knowledge of all the language knowledge from basic to advance , so there was some more development time required in designing a project , implementing it and finally releasing.

But due to NetBeans (community) its now so much easy to develop an application with simple processes and all the controlling architecture follow up which are required in current era of developing solutions.

So its very easy & robust to design, implement & deploy the project
or one can say the implementation goes with WYSIWYG* pattern

I am using Netbeans from last 1.5 years and developed all flavoured application from
Standalone Application(JAVA), J2ME to Web Applications(J2EE) and UML modelling.

So it was really amazing to use this tool for any type of work.

So I want to say just this to JAVA community its Amazing to use NetBeans6.1 just Use it go

WYSIWYG--What You See Is What You Get.